Personal Sites

Chill Pills & Fun Stuff

JS Kidpix: I can't tell you how thrilled I was to run across this. I almost forgot how much fun I used to have with this program back when I was a little.

Last Seen Online: Fantastic little mystery game about conflict, change, and loss. One of my favorite finds of the past year.

Small / Indie Web Resouces

Against An Increasingly User-Hostile Web: "Do we want the web to be open, accessible, empowering and collaborative? ... Or do we want it to be just another means of endless consumption, where people become eyeballs, targets and profiles?"

A Field Guide to Web Accessibility: "... [W]eb accessibility isn't some random feature that can be tacked on later. No, web accessibility is both a requirement and simply the right thing to do."

History & Archaeology

Going Medieval: Dr Janega is a ridiculously clever and charming guide in this journey through the Middle Ages. Witty, irreverent, and always well-informed, she reveals how interesting Medieval history really is.

Understanding & Interpreting Art

How To Watch a Movie: "[W]e are often taught about art. We are rarely taught how to look at art." One of my favorite primers on really understanding movies and their messages, rather than simply watching as an act of passive consumption.

Reading & Writing

Language, Lingusitics, Etymology

Etymonline: Ever had a word or turn of phrase pop into your head and wonder what its origin is? Wonder no more.

The Awful German Language: An essay on the complexities and frustrations of learning German, from Mark Twain's travelogue A Tramp Abroad. Never fails to make me laugh.

Women's History and Issues

LGBTQ+ History and Issues